Decorative Bark Mulch Barrow Bags


Bag Size: 250 Litre Barrow Bag
Coverage: Each  bag Approx. 5 m² ( Total 10 m² )

A coarse grade wood bark mulch

Perfect for around trees and shrubs, or on flower beds and borders.

Creates a chunky decorative finish with pieces on average 25- 65 mm

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Bag Size: 45 x 45 x 90 cm  Barrow Bag

A high quality robust bark mulch. As a coarse grade bark mulch it is perfect for around trees and shrubs, or on flower beds and borders.
When applied as a mulch it

  • suppresses weeds
  • retains soil moisture
  • protects plant roots from fluctuating temperatures.
  • enhances soil fertility

It’s a cost-effective and attractive alternative to Ornamental Bark, and creates a chunkier, decorative finish.

As an organic mulch, it naturally decomposes and releases a range of nutrients that enrich the soil and enhance its fertility.

Coverage: Approx. 5 m²


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