About Wood Logs Scotland Ltd.

Wood Logs Scotland Ltd. is a firewood merchant and log delivery company serving Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland.

We are suppliers of dry seasoned firewood fuel for your open fire, woodburner, wood burning stove, multi fuel stove, chiminea or solid fuel range, delivered promptly to your door or log store

There is a special type of atmosphere that only a log fire can bring and with the price volatility of other types of fuels logs make economic sense as well as a comforting feature in your home.

We don’t believe in shipping logs thousands of miles as long as we have enough sustainable wood in this country to meet demand.  We believe that Scotland has a rich resource in the managed forests that have been established and sustainably managed here.

The idea of using a sustainable and renewable fuel to heat our homes and businesses has driven the recent revival of wood burning.

The timber for your logs is grown in Scotland as locally as we can source it from managed forests – better for the environment and better for all our pockets. We are using wood that was always intended for commercial purposes and that has travelled the shortest distance possible. This helps you to reduce the environmental impact of staying warm.

Our Service

Not only do we believe in the product but we believe in customer service.
We know what it is like to be a customer, waiting for a delivery.
We want to make sure you get a good quality product at a time that suits you, rather than waiting around wondering when your logs will be delivered!

We want you to be happy and confident with our wood fuel service and become a regular customer.

Moisture Content

We know that firewood is best for your woodburner stove and chimney flue when the moisture content is below  20%. The moisture level is the difference between having a smouldering lifeless apology for a fire and a bright crackling heartwarming blaze.

At below 20% moisture you optimise the efficiency of your stove or fire, as very little energy is wasted evaporating water content.  The result is an easy to light, easy to burn log with a high heat output to warm your toes on the coldest winter day.

Using a moisture meter, we check the moisture content of every bulk bag, bulk trailer load and handy size net before delivery, to guarantee we bring you the best quality wood fuel.

Burning Wood Logs is Environmentally Friendly

There is a lot of concern about the build up of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

The CO2 released from burning wood is equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by the tree during its growing, making it a carbon neutral fuel.

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by Wendy Turner wendy.turner@woodlogsscotland.co.uk

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