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Wood Briquettes

Clean super–dry wood fuel. Made from compressed pine (70%) and spruce (30%) sawdust. Briquettes are produced from sawmill byproducts without additives, glue, nails or other contaminants.

Suitable eco logs for modern wood stoves with adjustable air inflow, woodburning cookers, pizza ovens, barbecues and chimeneas.
Suitable for DEFRA approved stoves in smokeless Zones.

Please make sure to store briquettes in a dry place as soon as they are delivered.

10 X Pack of 12 ( 120 Briquettes)

  • Saves Money
  • Low moisture below 7%
  • Do not expand, emit sparks, or spit when burning.
  • Burn slowly, which gives off more heat.
  • High density, compressed wood fuel, perfect for all stove sizes;
  • Can also be used in woodburning cookers, pizza ovens and barbecues;
  • Do not expand when burning – ideal for smaller stoves;

Woodsure ® Ready to Burn Approved: WS356


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Wood Briquettes by Pini & Kay

Please store briquettes in a dry place immediately after delivery. The briquettes should not be left outdoors where they can come into contact with rain, snow, or other water source. 

A relatively new type of fuel, these compressed wood briquettes have gained wide popularity. Briquettes are characterised by their octagonal shape, dark brown colour, a central hole for better burning-through and extreme compression.

Carbon monoxide CO: none
Total heat release time: up to 4 hours depending on the airflow control in the stove or fireplace.
Due to particularly low moisture it’s important to adjust air inflow to ensure longest possible burning and glowing time.
Please make sure to store briquettes in a dry place as soon as they are delivered.

Briquette Use Recommendations*

Burning time in different appliances will depend on air inflow setting, number of the briquettes loaded, outside temperature, and size of appliance and can range anywhere from 1 hour to over 4 hours.
A minimum of three to four briquettes should be loaded at any given time.
Suitable for modern wood stoves with adjustable air inflow, woodburning cookers, barbecues and chimeneas. Results in open fireplaces will depend on air inflow.

 Eco-friendly Low Smoke Emission

The hole in the briquettes reduces the amount of smoke. The briquettes are produced by hydraulic or shock-mechanical pressing dry chipped softwood and softwood dust at high pressures and high temperatures.
The briquettes have long burning time and produce the maximum useful heat.
The briquettes are remarkably resistant to moisture and store well.

2 reviews for Wood Briquettes – Pini Kay

  1. Jennie Falconer

    Brilliant briquettes, they give a lot of heat and glow for ages after the first flames die down. I took the advice and put the air at low on my stove. And there was hardly any ash in the morning. A great buy.

  2. John Agnew (verified owner)

    A good product, just don’t leave them out in the rain!. Had these delivered a few days ago. Wendy kindly left them at my requested location, but I didn’t get the chance to store them in my log shed until the next day. However, during the night, it rained heavily and the Briquettes turned into a mulch like consistency. Entirely my own fault, but if you do purchase them, I recommend you store them to protect from the elements as soon as you receive them. However, great service from Wendy and the team as always.

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