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SALE! Aspen Wood Briquettes – Eco Logs – 24 Packs

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24 packs of 8 Briquettes
(HALF PALLET – 192 briquettes) 


These large wood briquettes come in a pack of 8. Which can last for just shy of a full week,  meaning you maximise your value of money in home heating, from a single pack of eight briquettes (roughly 10kg).

  • below <6% moisture content,
  • compressed to over 1,000kg/m3 densities (super dense!).

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If you are looking for ways to save on your heating bill, Aspen Wood Briquettes can help. These briquettes aren’t firewood, they won’t give off a fierce & bright flame like a log.  However, what they are perfect for, is as a supplement to your firewood logs. Add a couple of Aspen Wood  Briquettes to your wood burner, restrict the air flows, and let them smoulder happily for hours, they will keep the room warm, and the embers will last for hours.

ECO LOGS: Sourced from sustainable forests, using only 100% natural materials, no accelerants of paraffin, just extremely highly compressed oak bark.

EXTENDED HEAT:  Briquettes are highly compressed hardwood resulting in a low and slow burn meaning you can leave them overnight and still have embers left the next day to re-light your fire from. This will prevent your room temperature from plummeting in winter.

WHERE TO USE: These briquettes can be used anywhere normal wood fire logs can be used, for example in wood burning stoves, wood burners, log burners and fire pits.

FULLY ACCREDITED: With ‘Ready to Burn’ certification the Aspen Wood Briquettes have been approved as being dry and ready for immediate use. Our briquettes are below <6% moisture content, and compressed to over 1,000kg/m3 densities (super dense!).

MORE COST EFFECTIVE: Aspen  wood briquettes are designed to burn slower and slightly lower in temperature, you will use fewer logs to bring the room back up to a higher temperature when you need it, and in doing so, use fewer logs!