Whisky Barrel Firewood Barrow Bags


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Barrow Bags of Whisky Barrel Firewood

Bag Size 45 x 45 x 90 centimetres ( 0.182 cubic metres)

Delivered by sack trolley to premises with narrow entries, doorways, gates, or rear entrances.

Our whisky barrel firewood is made from recycled aged American Oak whisky casks. Staves are cut to 8 inch lengths

Minimum Order 3 Bags

Price Includes VAT

Free Delivery in Local Area up to 30 miles from Strathaven

  • There may be a small delivery charge outside the local area

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American Oak Whisky Barrel Staves Cut for Firewood

Barrow Bag Size 45 x 45 x 90 centimetres ( 0.182 cubic metres)

Barrow bags – wheeled on a sack trolley through gates, narrow entrances, or rear of premises.

Bask in the aroma of fine whisky as your home heats.

The barrel staves are cut into convenient l8 inch lengths before bagging.

These barrels are past their usable life and make ideal hardwood firewood for stoves and fireplaces.

  • are easy to light
  • consistent burning
  • provide optimal heat output
  • attractive aroma when burning

Moisture Content – approx 15% or less

Price Includes VAT and Free Delivery up to 30n miles from Strathaven

    • There may be an extra delivery charge outside the local are
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