Garden Hard Wood Mulch


Garden Mulch – Woodchip Bark Mulch
(90 x 90 x 90cm)
Bulk Bag

Best Heat Treated woodchip for mulching avoids introducing pests, diseases and weeds to your garden.

Ideal for weed suppression. Retains soil moisture. Hardwood Bark

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Hardwood Bark Woodchip Mulch

  • Kiln – dried to remove pests and diseases, purity guaranteed
  • Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds
  • Ideal for weed suppression when spread among plants in the garden.
  • Protects plant roots from snow, frost and erosion.
  • Releases nutrients
  • Retains soil moisture.
  • Decorative Coarse Grade
  • Bi-product of firewood processing.
  • Responsibly sourced.

Woody waste: using for mulching

Hardwood Bark & Wood Chip Mulch is best applied in mid to late spring and autumn.